10,000 days old soaked dry Fruits & Nuts

 When you say celebrations it is cakes and when it is cakes its a celebration. 

When we say Christmas what comes to our mind??

Is that Santa? Is that snow fall? Is that lights on trees? Is that long nights? Or is that rich plum cakes?

Yes of course its all comes to mind as they are part of Christmas celebrations.

Yes its all to do something with food and drink, its a festive season to do something with food and drink

The Roast Turkey, Roast Duck, Roast Chicken, Red and White wines, Ginger cookies, rich plum cakes, lots of gifts and what not? its all to  thank  12 months and welcome the new year with lots of hopes. 

We should say we got gift and  we were able to bake cakes with a treasure.................. 

At KLE Graduate School of Hotel Management and Catering Technology - Belagavi  this year (2020) a bakery named Cake & Cream based from Pune as a symbol of love offered 10000 days old cake mix (dry fruits & nuts soaked in liqueurs) to The Oven Factory (TOF) and the same was sponsored to the department by Mr. Ganesh V.  (2019 - 2022 batch) of KLEGSHMCT.

The plum cakes were baked with these cake mix..... it was a delightful cake and the flavor of the cakes touched the clouds of imaginations, the taste of it touched the heart, the taste buds would have never ever experienced such a relished plum cake.

The flavors of soaked nuts, blend of sugar, touch of spice, feel of fats, delectable taste made us all to feel the heaven in the earth.

we thank the baker for sharing us the such a adorable product to us. 

we wish him good health and prosperity in the future.

The department has planned to store this priceless product for the future.


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