Cent percent Millet Cookies preparations @ KLEGSHMCT


Foxtail, Ragi & Little Millet Cookies

The debate on Maida, Refined flour, refined wheat flour etc… Is on one side, people are confused which is healthy & which is not, sometimes we feel wheat is healthy, sometimes we get to see news that they are not healthy stating it is gluten based, bakers, chefs are confused all the time to suggest what is healthy,  Is that is the real state of being?? Are we really confused what to eat and what not?

Whenever we say healthy it’s all to think nutritive foods especially salads, millets, health drinks, fresh fruits is one side, the other side we say stop fast foods and junk eats, instead to follow the slow food and eat healthy.

It has become more complicated to choose what to eat what to leave, are the products available in the market are really healthy or not. Again we may end up in debating…….

Keeping health in mind something needs to be developed healthy the KLE Graduate School of Hotel Management & Catering Technology (KLEGSHMCT) has come out with the project of developing completely 100 percent millet based cookies.

It was very critical for the team to come out with the tasks and it has taken more 40 different levels of food trails to standard the formula for 100 percent millet based cookies.

The team is also working on 100 percent millet based cakes which will be taking out the shape shortly.

Soon these products will be available for sales in the retail industry and the sector is working on that.

Millet Cookies
Ragi Cookies
Checkbox cookies
Millet cookies
Millet Jam Cookies
Foxtail Cookies
Before Baking


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